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Laura Gandy Jewelry - Logo, Branding, Website Design & Production
Posted on August 8, 2017 by Peter Loomis

We just designed a logo, visual design system and website for Bay Area jeweler Laura Gandy. Starting with a conceptual framework, we developed several variations and narrowed in on the final look after much consideration. Ultimately one of the things that made the design was "almost" an accident... We'd been playing with diamond shapes (sideways squares) but accidentally applied a scaling effect which gave the top element it's narrower and spot-on look.

Once that was established, we reviewed Laura's photography and her work and started on concepts for a website. We knew that ultimately we wanted to incorporate e-commerce and a blog. That led us to determine a Woo Commerce enabled template for WordPress would be the best solution. This foundational infrastructure will enable her to administer and edit her own site and expand the functionality and scope of her site gradually, when she's ready.

Art Meets Tech - Event Production & Artistic Direction, A/V Design, Event Audio & Live VJ
Posted on April 17, 2017 by Peter Loomis

We just produced our first integrated event, organizing a cadre of Bay Area artists of different media into a cohesive promotional and fundraising event called Art Meets Tech. The event was held April 13th at Hero City at Draper University in San Mateo and raised funds for the Hispanic Scholarship Fund.

Executive produced by Alejandro Caminos (, the group featured painter and mixed media artist Benjamin Arizmendi (, a performance art, contemporary dance and music group known as Raiz De Agua ( and a filmmaker named Lissette Feliciano ( During the event we had a performance, a short film screening (, several talks and a great spread of food, drinks and a wonderful atmosphere of conversation and introductions.

As a part of the performances and event sequencing, I prepared around 2.5 hours of a soundtrack of my original music (, as well as live sequenced content on a full HD Jumbotron which was directly behind the stage area, providing visuals, live camera feeds, ogos, titles and other VJ and visual effects during the event.


In preparation for the event we got audio driven and beat synced effects working on our visuals, a dual computer setup with BPM sync and MIDI triggered and controlled effects and EQ running Ableton Live and Resolume Arena, which represents an exciting frontier for PERSONE and dynamic event, installation or other video or visual effects.

We also contributed in the lighting and environment design as well as the marketing and promotions for the event, including poster, emails, social media ads and a promotional teaser video.

AudioElixir - Onesheet
Posted on February 19, 2017 by Peter Loomis

We just developed a one-sheet for audio and spatial acoustic pioneers AudioElixir. Facilitated by Keyframe Entertainment, this company is an evolving force in 3D spatialization and immersive sound environments.

Keyframe - Presentation Template
Posted on February 19, 2017 by Peter Loomis

PERSONE has been working with Keyframe Entertainment for many years, but now had the opportunity to help with a presentation geared towards a specific pitch, but that could also be extensible to feature the many projects, events and other promotions that the SF based company produces.

The Larsonian Institute - Branding
Posted on February 20, 2017 by Peter Loomis

We have been working with The Larsonian Institute to develop a branding platform for its own endeavors as well as its subsidiary companies, organizations and projects.

Rhino Love - Flyer Design
Posted on February 11, 2017 by Peter Loomis

We helped our longstanding friend Nugz and his Burning Man crew the Dusty Rhino with their latest party at Public Works in San Francisco. As an extra bonus, I also got invited to DJ at the party, opening the Loft stage.

Wild Animus - Website Update
Posted on February 19, 2017 by Peter Loomis

We have been working with TooFar Media for many years managing multiple web properties and developing all of their web sites and outreach platforms. This multi-volume Wild Animus project was one of the first web sites we developed together and it has just recently been revamped to reflect the latest app offerings as well as more high definition imagery as well.

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