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Caldo Jewelry Web Site Re-design

April 8, 2011 by Peter Loomis

PERSONE: Blog: Caldo Jewelry Design

The creator behind the elegantly crafted pieces from Caldo Jewelry Design approached PERSONE to re-design their website and update the functionality so they could update it more easily by themselves.

Though we were going to build the site in WordPress as the underlying CMS, we wanted to think outside the box and keep things unique and non-linear. By contrast, we also wanted to keep things anchored and focused within a certain range of offerings. We are going to be implementing an e-commerce element to this site as well, so Caldo can sell pieces directly from their site. In addition a slideshow on the homepage will feature several of the designs from each product category or collection.

We are still in development on this project, and will post updates when there's more news!

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