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Live Music Performance for Archetype Fashion Show @ SF Public Works

April 15, 2011 by Peter Loomis

We are proud to announce our latest live music performance from last Friday night at Archetype boutique's fashion show at San Francisco's Public Works. We collaborated with live percussionist Daniel Diaz-Tai, who represented on the cajon and also electronically with a Roland Handsonic drum pad, as well as a live opera performance and improvisation by Maki Noguchi during the three parts of the runway show.

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First, we created our music demo for the event by sampling electronic inspired beats and arranging them in a studio produced track, with textural samples taken primarily from the futuristic Blade Runner movie soundtrack performed by Vangelis, and we also used several popular opera tracks and used vocals and sampled effects from CDs that were looped and recorded to a Logic timeline. Once in Logic, we had greater control to dissect the rhythms and beats and determine which were the most effective sounds for the improvisation and collaboration with Maki and Daniel. In addition, we resampled live drum loops that worked well and ultimately used Ableton Live to collect all of the final sounds and for live playback during the show.

After creating the original concept piece that we would use to promote the show and also as a basis for the improvisation, we also re-sampled some of the elements and created individual stems for the various parts in the show. Some of the new work included several orchestral and string samples that were used to counterbalance the live vocals and give atmospheric elements to use in a call and response manner during the performance.

PERSONE: Blog: Archetype Fashion Show @ SF Public Works

Ultimately, having the sounds separated into their own stems was hugely effective as it allowed us to reduce the overall arrangements down to their most basic sounds, and enabled us to mix in the other tracks as needed for emphasis and or to punctuate certain sequences in the show. It also allowed us to compensate for room dynamics and mix the bass parts including the kick drum and bass synths individually a bit lower than originally composed in order to accomodate the equalization and bass-heavy response of the club's system.

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